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or not at this point," Sabadics told reporters Wednesday. "Just due to the geographic location, the timeframe and the similarity in the description of a suspect we are still looking at it as a viable option."

A total of 12 vehicles and a house were torched, causing more than $100,000 in damage.

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Nike Free Rn Wolf Grey

"We don't know if it is a red herring Nike Free 3.0 Black Womens

In response to the arson spree, detectives are urging people to keep their vehicle doors locked, and alert police to any suspicious fires.

"The video has been released in the hopes that somebody in the public might recognize this party," Det. Sgt. Daniel Sabadics told reporters Wednesday afternoon. "It is someone with purpose but also dynamic, and energetic, so to me I am categorizing it as a younger person or maybe it is an older person with a lot of energy and purpose. It is unique (the walk) and hopefully someone will recognize who it might be because a lot of us can recognize different gaits and walks with people we might now."

Possible link to convenience store robbery

Investigators released the video Wednesday in an attempt to identify the male and speak to him about the deliberately set fires in Bennington Heights, near Bayview and Moore avenues.

Though detectives have not yet connected that robbery with the fires, they say they can't rule it out.

Toronto police Nike Free Rn Wolf Grey release surveillance video of person of interest near arsons in Bennington Heights

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The footage from Friday shows the male walking past a home as he holds a cup or bottle in his left hand. He walks behind a parked BMW and then changes direction. The male has a distinct walk and he was wearing a dark knapsack, pants, shirt and ball cap, Toronto police said.

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Nike Free Rn Wolf Grey

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The suspect, described by witnesses as a white man in his 40s with grey hair and dark clothing, allegedly stole lottery tickets and cigarettes before running westbound on Moore Street.

Around the same time as the vehicle fires, police were called for a robbery at a nearby convenience store.

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Footage from a homeowner's security camera shows a person of interest near the scene of an early morning arson spree in an upscale Toronto neighbourhood.

Anyone with information about the person of interest or the fires is asked to call police at 416 808 5300 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416 222 TIPS (8477).

by a surveillance camera that Nike Free Run Grey And Black

Police say the suspect targeted unlocked vehicles that contained loose paper or clothing that could be set ablaze and did not use an accelerant.

"From what I understand this is urge oriented and it doesn't have to have a specific MO, so even if it is just a grass or a brush fire it might be our person," Sabadics told reporters.

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Nike Free Rn Wolf Grey

overlooks a driveway where the BMW was parked.

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Nike Free Rn Wolf Grey

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