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Gun retention training, Young said, is one of the most important. In Weld, that 80 hours includes basic academy training, movement, night, qualifications, self defense and weapon retention, Cooke said.

But the amount of training, and the types of holsters departments require for their officers should be considered, as well, Young said. Holsters come in varying levels of security, with outer and inner locking mechanisms, which require different movements to get the guns out. Officers must learn to pull them with both hands in a variety of positions, such as standing, kneeling, on their stomachs or backs, with and without a struggle, Young said.

Cooke said other factors also will be important, such as whether there were bystanders in the parking lot who could have gotten hurt, or whether Alaniz ducked behind cars to get away.

Training time also will be a consideration for Cooke. Weld County demands officers attend 80 hours of training a year.

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"He was laying in a fetal position, probably working his hand out," Cooke said. "The deputy was in the room, and (Alaniz) lunged at him. His initial thought was (Alaniz) was falling out of the bed, and he went to stop him. "When got in there, he realized he was being attacked, and a fight occurred on the ground."

In the 1980s, a DUI suspect tried to take a gun from a Windsor police officer, said Windsor police Chief John Michaels. During the struggle, another officer showed up and was able to retrieve it, Michaels said.

Cooke said he is moving the department to a higher level security holster. About 30 percent to 40 percent of his officers have a level Nike Free 5.0 Flash Men's

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Other law enforcement agencies in the area had to search back further in their records to find a similar instance.

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"This guy is a veteran, having served two tours in Afghanistan, and he's gone through extensive training, not only military but here," Cooke said of Walker. "It's not like we hire people off the street, and say, 'Here you go, guard someone.' "

"Having a suspect attempting to disarm them puts officers' lives at risk and public safety," Young said. "Nobody can Monday morning quarterback it. There are a whole lot of factors that go into it. Any time a person gets a gun taken away, that inmate has made a commitment."

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Less time on the job, however, usually means less experience.

3 holster (a security level that Young recommends), which means officers must perform three steps to remove the gun. Lower level holsters require fewer steps, while level four holsters are the most secure but could delay an officer's draw in an emergency.

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Cooke and other local chiefs say the first thing they do when something like this happens is to study their policies for improvement.

Raul Alaniz, 32, was in a North Colorado Medical Center hospital room Friday after complaining to deputies that morning of having blood in his urine. He was at the hospital with two other inmates Friday afternoon Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Blue And Grey

Stupka, who had just moved into a patrol position after placing in the top five in her class, was working overtime to help deputies out at the hospital, Cooke said. She had previously worked in the jail for the past four years.

Losing a gun to a suspect is what officers throughout the country train to avoid at all costs. Most officers know that if a suspect gets their gun, they will more than likely be shot with it.

when he apparently hatched his escape plan.

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As he escaped the emergency room, Alaniz came across Deputy Paige Free Nike 3.0

Now, the two are at home on paid administrative leave pending an investigation that will try to answer two key questions, among others: How did the inmate get the gun, and how did he escape from a second deputy while wearing leg shackles? Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said Monday the investigation will take two to four weeks, including analyzing video of the event, before confirming the exact sequence of events.

This was the second time in less than two years that a suspect has taken a Weld sheriff deputy's gun. The first was with Deputy Sam Brownlee, who was shot and killed with his own weapon on Nov. 23, 2010, after a struggle with a suspect.

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training and equipment under microscope in inmate escape

Two Weld County Sheriff's deputies who watched a jail inmate walk out of the hospital Friday with one of their guns had less than five years each of experience on the job.

Stupka, who was returning to his room to take her post from Ryan, who had relieved her for a lunch break. Cooke said Alaniz pointed the .40 caliber handgun at Stupka and told her to get on the ground; then she took cover behind a brick wall and he hobbled off in his orange jail jumpsuit. Outside the hospital, Alaniz also attempted a carjacking but failed.

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Both deputies pursued Alaniz in Stupka's car, to a nearby house off of 15th Street and 21st Avenue, where he had holed up and took a hostage.

Though he already had a blanket, Alaniz asked for a second, having somehow been able to slip his wrist out of one handcuff that secured him to his hospital bed. Deputy Ryan Walker, who had been on the job not quite a year, leaned over and pulled the blankets up for Alaniz, and the inmate attacked, Cooke said.

Greeley police remember one time in 2005, when a suspect involved in an auto prowl was able to take the gun off of an officer. The gun went off during a struggle, but it misfired. The suspect then ran from the scene, ditching the gun as he ran. Officers later recovered it.

Since Alaniz had a gun, Cooke said Stupka would have been well within her legal rights to shoot the escapee. But she did not fire, he said.

Responsibility for such an action must be placed accordingly, he said.

"If any officer gets a firearm taken way, they have to accept some responsibility that they failed to acknowledge. They Nike Free 5.0 Blackout were distracted, the person overpowered them and they allowed that person to get into their safety zone," Young said. "There were some cues that were missed."

It's tempting to try to place blame when an officer loses a gun to a suspect, but it's not so easy, said Dave Young, director and founder of Arma Training, a tactical training agency that trains thousands of law enforcement personnel nationwide, and globally.

"Once he had the gun on her, how long does it take for him to get out of the lot?" Cooke said of one question he will attempt to answer. "The time frame is important. Hopefully, we'll be able to clear it up."

"Of all the equipment an officer carries, the holster is the most important but it's given the least amount of time, not only in training" but in purchasing. Just because sheriff department X carries this holster, doesn't mean you go out and buy it. There's a learning curve with any holster."

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