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He then called the person, who said they denied they sent the e mail.

can answer any questions. I only answer for a judge, the man said.

680News cannot verify that this is the person who wrote the e mail.

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No one has more of a grudge against the Fords than my family does for what they did to us in their bit remove people from the separate houses of Mtha, even having to go through the insults thrown at us from the Nike Free 4 Womens Uk

Coun. Ford said.

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worried about my four girls if anyone saw this letter and other letters that I have too, you be worried about your family, he added.

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more than one threat; there one letter, but there few other letters too, and they said some brutal things they would do to my daughter, Nike Free Run 4 Womens

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Toronto police investigating threats made against Doug Ford

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Coun. Ford sent a copy of one of the e mails to Sherman. It indicated the e mail was from a name and precise Toronto address, which Sherman traced to a phone number.

Police Chief Bill Blair told 680News his force is taking the e mail very seriously.

In the video below, Chief Blair said officers are investigating, saying the e mail was and concerning. international and domestic media scrutiny of all political leanings is hotter than ever and there is an ongoing murder investigation linked to the story. This story is just starting ! Toronto wouldn miss a beat if Ford and his non existent billion dollar savings quit tomorrow. He can take credit for nothing new surpluses built on transfer taxes he opposed, he can spend taxpayer dime and time watching football instead of his doing his job. But he can take credit for really doing anything but making a global laughing stock of Toronto. Alleged threats won change the spotlight or facts.

Just to ensure the facts are correct. The drug allegations are still alive BECAUSE OF the media, leading the charge is the nationally recognized 3rd rate tabloid the toronto star, Ford has not held press conferences about the allegations. It always the media bringing it up. If the MEDIA would put up actual Nike Free Run Blue And Orange proof, then this would actually be a story. All these allegations are is to keep the liberals in Toronto from paying attention to the real story unfolding of the PROVEN lawlessness going on in Queens Park that costing all of Ontario half a billion dollars and counting. Just making sure the facts are right.

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Toronto Sun by Sue Ann Levy , calling us squatters, but I will say that I believe that threats against White Nike Free Run 5.0 Womens

Listen to the interview with Coun. Ford below:

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the Ford family is going to far. Their family life should be their,s not the medias business. At work it is fair game but at home they should be left alone. I still would not vote for them again.

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