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COBB COUNTY Cobb's transportation director on Tuesday will present information regarding a proposed light rail system along Cobb Parkway, which would travel from Kennesaw to Cumberland Mall. work session, where she will also ask for direction in moving forward with the project.

"This is just a very large, complex effort and there has to be support behind it that starts and does not stop," DiMassimo said. "You just have to really stick with it, have someone really driving it, have potential funding available, have the public behind it, and I feel now is the right time. In the past, a premium transit service has not always been the highest priority, but now it is something that is seen not only as Nike Free Run 5.0 Mint Green

The light rail proposal has recently gained steam after a bus tour of the Cobb Parkway corridor on May 4 sparked conversation between local leaders and transportation experts. The proposed $2 billion project could include seven light rail stations from Kennesaw to Cumberland, with stops at KSU, Town Center, WellStar Kennestone Hospital, Southern Polytechnic State University, Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Windy Ridge Parkway and Cumberland Mall. The stations around Kennesaw and the Cumberland/Galleria area would be transit stations, where passengers could exit the railcars and board buses. Those buses would travel to 33 bus stops throughout the Cumberland Mall/Galleria area and 21 stops around KSU and Town Center at Cobb mall.

Montanye estimated a cost of about $100,000 to install it.

Also Tuesday, at the board's night meeting, commissioners are expected to approve the installation of a pedestrian traffic signal on Six Flags Drive to mitigate jaywalking.

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How many in BILLIONS of economic growth has been lost here due to lack of moving transportation technology forward?? I think catching up now is an almost impossible feat!!! Go to ANY city throughout the world light rail, heavy rail , streetcars bikes are widely used supported, Look up New Mexicos 'Rail Runner",. modern, connects all cities!! Portland, Denver,Seattle, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Morocco, Hong Kong,etc., etc., . even St. Louis, Mo. has some form of light rail.

should be used in other areas, Montanye said.

Discussion of a light rail system began 11 years ago, when the Cumberland and Town Center community improvement districts looked to fund a study that would explore ways to create a transit system from Midtown Atlanta to the two CID's, DiMassimo said. The study was completed in 2001.

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Cobb are in the 'dark ages' due to lack of vision leadership!!! You're talking 10 years just to build a streetcar on 41????? Why don't you just set up an efficient roadway on 41 w/ synchronized lights, bus shuttles, x press busses, new better marked lanes, actual bike lanes, a nice median,. etc. Good Lord,. JUST DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! 10 years is WAY TO LONG to see any progress round here!!!!!!!

enhancing mobility and relieving congestion, but also a tool for economic development in that area."

There needs to be IMMEDIATE work begun on easing Nike Free Run Black traffic congestion throughout the Atlanta metro area! I'd be more confident of support in constructing a "WHOLE METRO SYSTEM" that connects cities/counties in a east west line = something absolutely needs to ease traffic OFF of 285 around the 400/Ashfoed Dunwoody Corridor

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If approved, the county will evaluate how well the signal works to see if it Nike Free Run 5.0 Junior

DiMassimo said all the variables are connecting now to start moving forward with project.

Transit director to discuss 2B light rail project

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ARC WHERE is the plan for heavy rail across the 'top end'??? I think we need MARTA 1st to expand throuhout ALL northern counties Cobb, North Fulton, Gwinnett Then figure out the feeder light rail street car lines!! Atlanta missed the boat 20 years ago by not drumming up support for MARTA!! Atlanta Nike Free Run Shoes Women

In March 2000, the Atlanta Regional Commission adopted the 2025 Regional Transportation Plan, which included a recommendation for light rail transit along the 41 corridor, which would eventually connect with the MARTA rail station in Midtown.

David Montanye, traffic operations division manager for Cobb DOT, said 45 people were crossing the four lane road, mid block, per hour during peak times, according to an earlier study. Montanye said there is an apartment on one side and a grocery store on another. The signal would be located between Elsner Road and Six Flags Parkway.

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"In order for the project to progress, the anticipated next steps include community and stakeholder outreach in the corridor as well as further alternatives analyses and environmental studies," DiMassimo wrote in a county document.

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DiMassimo said a similar light rail system completed in Phoenix, Ariz., has brought the area more than $7 billion in economic and redevelopment activity for the project's $1.4 billion cost.

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