Nike Free Run 5 2017

"You've got to have a good support group," McKie told WYFF. "You have to have good people around you."

Success also requires athletes to train in ways they don't want to in order to overcome weaknesses, McKie said.

He said it's important to develop good habits early on and remember that very few athletes actually make it to the professional level.

QSA's founder and CEO, Vaughn Bethell, is also a Furman graduate. Bethell opened the company in 2003 after earning a health and exercise science degree and playing on the school's top ranking soccer team.

Nike Free Run 5 2017

Nike Free Run 5 2017

trainer at QSA, told WYFF. "We work with those athletes to bring that out."

At an age when peer pressure can influence many decisions, McKie said young athletes should surround themselves with like minded people.

Nike Free Run 5 2017

Nike Free Run 5 2017

Nike Free Run 5 2017

Nike Free Run 5 2017

Nike Free Run 5 2017

McKie said other familiar football players who are training at QSA include Simpsonville native and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Jamon Meredith, Travelers Rest native and Canadian Football League running back Will Ford and former Furman Paladin turned free agent Ryan Steed.

Several stand outs from the upstate are training at QSA, including Marcus Lattimore. The former Byrnes High Rebel and University of South Carolina Gamecock was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers last year.

training center in Greenville, is accustomed to seeing clients at various stages of their sports career.

"Get your diploma. You have to have that," McKie said. "You're not going to play sports forever, so that's very, very important."

"We are the first training facility to get a hold of him since his injury," McKie said. "He's here during the off season to try to prepare himself to earn a starting spot."

"You've got to train smarter and not necessarily harder," he said.

"No matter what your age is, you have some athletic ability," Ryan McKie, lead Nike Free 5.0 2018 Release

McKie said there are some important points all young athletes should keep in mind as they work toward their goals.

McKie said Nike Free Run 5 2017 young athletes should take care of their bodies through good nutrition and good habits, along with consistent training.

Nike Free Run 5 2017

trainer shares success tips for young athletes

said. "Recovery is very, very important for every athlete."

Nike Free Run 5 2017

"Don't beat your body up without taking care of it," McKie Nike Free 5.0 Mens

Nike Free Run 5 2017

Performance QSA, a physical fitness and athletic Nike Free 5.0 Womens Review

Nike Free Run 5 2017

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